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How This Works

Most people think cooking Indian food is difficult. We know that it's not so.

Anyone who likes to cook can master the basics of Indian cuisine. We think the three most important things are the motivation to learn, having the right spices and knowing how to use them. If you have the motivation, Veena's Market can help you with the rest. So, how does this work?

1. Find Your Favorite Kit

Browse the different recipe kits available here. They are sorted into different categories to make it easy to find what you are looking for. 

2. Buy the fresh ingredients

The kits include the whole and blended spices, rice and a tested recipe. Since you get all the difficult-to-find ingredients, all you have to buy from your neighborhood grocery store or farmer’s market are the vegetables and other easy-to-find ingredients such as meat and eggs.

3. Cook! 

You are almost ready to go! Get all your supplies together and prepare the meal, letting the recipe guide you. Our recipes have been thoroughly tested to make sure you get yummy results each time, even for beginners who have never cooked Indian food before. Serving suggestions, sides and drinks are included on the recipe card. We hope you enjoy the process as much as the final product: delicious, nutritious meals you will want to make again and again. 

Reasons to Cook Indian Food from Scratch 

Let's face it, there are other options out there from buying pre-made marinades to buying packaged curry from Trader Joe's. Here are five great reasons to buy and cook with one of our kits!

  1. Bring an exotic and ancient cuisine into your home
  2. Learn and experience authentic and gourmet Indian food and get bragging rights in the process
  3. Fresher and much healthier than eating out
  4. Avoid the need to buy large quantities of spices which you may never use again
  5. The kits are made for those new to Indian cuisine and even experts who want to try something new or are too busy to round up all the ingredients


 "Your website was excellent, and everything was easy to use.  I appreciated getting a shipping notification, and it took only two days until the shipment arrived.  Could have been one, actually, I'm not sure.  Everything was in good order, and the shopping list and instructions were easy to follow.  I appreciate that you give a weight for the onions: what is a medium onion?  Some of them are the size of babies' heads!." - Olof

Hungry yet? Find your favorite kit!




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